The athlete will rep their bodyweight on flat bench press as many times as they can.  Girls will use 70% of their bodyweight.  A scale will be present at the event, and weights will be rounded to the nearest 5lbs (down on 2.4, up on 2.5).  Only reps that touch the chest and are locked out at the top will count.  Once the bar is racked or spotted, the athlete is done.


The athlete will complete as many full range of motion pull-ups as they can.  Event will end when the athlete lets go of the bar.  A over hand or under hand grip may be used.  Each rep will start with arms straight, and the rep will begin on command. A rep will be counted when the athlete pulls themselves to a position with their chin above the bar. The athlete must reset to the bottom; once there, they will be given the command to start the next rep.


Athlete will get 3 attempts to deadlift as much weight as possible. The athlete must stand up completely and set the bar back on the ground.  If the bar is dropped before it is set back in the ground, the rep will not count. Only the highest lift will be counted for points.


Hanging from a pull up bar, the athlete will complete as many reps, touching their toes to the bar, and then the backside of their legs to the spotter’s hands, hanging straight down.  Once the athlete lets go of the bar, the event will be over.


 Each athlete must perform two attempts of the triple jump event.  The result of each triple jump will then be added together for a final result, the combined total will be used for scoring.  The athlete will be allowed three attempts to jump as far as they can. The athlete must start completely behind the starting line, and jump and land as far as they can. The closest landing body part will be measured (hand, foot, head, etc.) 


Each athlete must perform two 40 yard sprints.  Like the triple jump, both 40 times will then be added together to be used for scoring.  The athlete may start in a 2 or 3 point stance, hand and feet completely behind the starting line. Time will start on athlete’s movement and end as soon as they cross the 40 yard line. The 40 yard dash will be electric timed.


The obstacle course will consist of 4 events, 30 yards down and back. The events will be done in succession. Time starts when the athlete begins the farmers walk, and ends when the athlete completes every event and finishes the sprint.

1. Farmers walk- guys- two 45lb plates loaded on the handles/girls- two 25lbs.

2. Sandbag carry- guys- 100lbs/girls-75lbs.

3. Sled push- guys- 180lbs/girls- 90lbs.

4. Sprint down and back.


Each athlete will run two 300 yard shuttles, with exactly 90 seconds between the first and second shuttle. The shuttle will consist of running down 25 yards, and back, 6 times. The athlete must touch the line with their foot on each turn.

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