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The Ultimate Athlete Challenge was created to determine a region’s greatest athlete. The competition consists of 8 events that are scored based on performance.  Once registration has closed, athletes participating will be given a starting time in which they will begin the event. 


1. Body Weight Bench Press

2. Pull-ups

3. Max Deadlift

4. Hanging Leg Raise

5.Two Triple Jumps

6. Two 40 Yard Dashs

7. Obstacle Course

8. Two 300 Yard Shuttles with 90 seconds rest

For a video, longer description, and rules for each event, go check out the events page.


Athletes will be assigned a starting time once registration has closed. Each athlete will be assigned a judge, who will accompany them throughout the entire challenge.  The judge is responsible for moving the athlete through the challenge in the allotted time for each event.  The following description is the exact timeline of the events:

-Athletes must report to bench press at their assigned starting time.  The judge will instruct the athlete to begin the first event and the time will start.

-Each of the first 6 events will have an allotted time of 5 minutes to complete.  This means that you have 5 minutes total to complete the event and the remainder will be your rest period.  You must account for the time it will take to get from one event to the next.

-Once the previous events time has expired your next 5 minutes will start and you will be able to begin the next event.  

-After your 5 minutes has expired for the 40 yard sprint event you will be allotted 2 minutes of rest before you must begin the obstacle course event.

-The obstacle course event will have a max allotted time of 10 minutes.  

-Upon completion of the obstacle course, the athlete will receive 5 minutes before their first 300 yard shuttle MUST begin.  The time will start even if the athlete is not present.

-As the event states, there will be 90 seconds between the first 300 yard shuttle and the time for the second begins.

The schedule, rules, and scoring will be explained in a pre-competition meeting 15 minutes prior to group starting time.


The competition will be open to anyone 16 years of age and older and will be divided into 3 levels: Open (Male/Female), 40+ Masters (Male/Female), and Co-Ed. You can go to our registration page to reserve your spot today.

The challenge will conclude with the presentation of a trophy and prize for the top three places in each division. 

The Ultimate Athlete Challenge will take place inside the Total Sports Complex in Wixom, MI. on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 at 9:00am. (Map)

 Check-In opens at 8:00am, and the Pre-competition meeting will begin at 8:30.

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